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July 6, 2020

Paived is the only inclusive education platform to provide affordable and voluntary Medical school consultation to pre-med students. What makes us unique is our team of Pre-med Mentors. The Paived Team of Pre-med Mentors comprises of Medical School Graduates and Medical School Students who were themselves pre-med students at one point of time. Instead of providing you with a repetitive word of advice which is already available in plenty in every nook and corner of internet, Paived helps you to directly connect with Professionals who have actually met the eye of the storm. Our Mentors are strictly verified for their credentials, and we chose only those individuals who are actually interested in helping you to perform better in your Medical School Applications.

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A Pre-med Mentor is your guide to Medical School Admission, starting from the very first day of your work/activity internship to the very last day and minute of your Medical School Interview. You can use the Paived Platform to connect with the Mentors at any point of your Medical School Application. Whether you are a pre-med student who couldn’t make it the first time, or a first-time applicant, our Mentors go to the very depth of your application, CV and work/activity section to help you figure out where you can perform better, improve your score, and give yourself an edge over other applicants.

How Paived Mentors help you plan Medical School Application in advance:

Primary and Secondary applications together require students to write more than ten essay type answers, along with numerous short essay type answers. The MCAT has to be taken and cleared with competitive marks before you start building your application. And even before MCAT comes knocking on your door, you must spend around three years completing the compulsory course-work and work/activities. While you complete your course-work and minimum work/activities requirements, you must also simultaneously conduct a thorough research on the Medical schools you wish to apply at, and decide between an MD, DO, or a MD-PhD course. Along with this, you must keep try to build a good academic record and also make sure that you have some professors who are willing to write you a detailed Letter of Recommendation. When you pick your schools for designating them to receive your Primary Application, you must also decide if any of them offer Early Decision Programs, along with the costs and fee assistance programs.

Needless to say, writing a winning Medical School Application is not a simple matter of writing great essays alone. You have to work on a number of factors which together create a domino effect leading to a successful selection. There are many things to focus on simultaneously. Unfortunately, time is always running against a pre-med student. If you don’t plan your medical school application in advance, you will end up losing a lot of precious time, which can lead to an unsuccessful application, or an unnecessary gap year later.


Paived Pre-med Mentors help you to create a time-line of your admission process, in accordance to where you stand in terms of your MCAT preparation, CV and junior or senior year. Many of our students are late bloomers and come looking for help in their final year of under-graduation. Therefore, all students need personal assistance and one advice cannot be painted for every student. Our Pre-med mentors understand this very well, and provide personalized guidance to every student.

How Paived Mentors work on your Primary Application:

Primary Application is the starting point and also the backbone of your Medical school application. A large part of your secondary application and medical school interviews are based on the responses you give in the primary application. Primary application is also the only point in the process where you have the opportunity to talk about yourself in detail, and provide a clear picture of your strengths and capabilities as a medical school candidate. Primary Application is divided into nine parts by the AMCAS. Apart from general identification questions, Primary Application also requires transcripts and LORs submission. Your AMCAS primary application makes you eligible for fee assistance later on. There are numerous mistakes which students make in the Primary Application, which unfortunately, lead to rejection of their primary applications. Some of the common mistakes are: mistakes

  • Many students make the mistake of applying to only the top or the best medical schools. It is always better to apply in some top level schools, some mediocre schools, and some sure-shot schools which you know you will definitely crack. Writing Essays and Personal Statements in the end, or not investing enough time towards their drafting and editing.
  • Applying too late or missing out on deadlines. This is more common than would imagine. Sometimes, applications are returned for rectification. In such a case, resubmission date becomes your official submission date and it must still be within the stipulated application deadline for your designated schools.
  • Making mistakes in Work/Activity section, which is not open to later rectification and editing or updating.
  • Haphazard listing of coursework. The coursework must be listed according to the chronology provided.
  • The official transcripts do not match with the original grades, credit hours, courses etc. listed by you on the application.
  • Not listing 10 or more grades, credits, courses etc. appearing on your official transcripts.

There are fundamentally four pillars of your Primary Application which call for meticulous planning and reviewing: planning

  • Selection of right Work/Activities to list in the Application.
  • Selection of the right wok experiences to write about under the “most meaningful work experiences” prompt
  • Writing a solid Personal Comment/Statement Essay
  • Getting LORs from the right people and making sure they reach your designated schools.

For students applying under the MD-PhD program, there are two more pillars, namely, the “Why you want to join the MD-PhD course” Essay and “Significant Research Experience” Essay.

Writing essays and editing them is a laborious task, and requires constant feedback to improve the quality of the essays. Many students fail to take full advantage of the Essay sections and give up a golden opportunity to gain an edge over other applicants.

Our Pre-med counselors and Mentors conduct a deep review of your application and essays before you submit your application. They help you to choose the right work/activities. If you don’t have more than three or four work/activities to list, then it becomes very important to be very articulate while writing short and long essays about them. In addition to this, it is also very crucial to choose the right themes to talk about in your Personal comment essays so that your strengths and weaknesses are adequately communicated. It is easier said than done. Our mentors help you to take care of all these nuts and bolts which can help you to create a winning application.

How Paived Mentors work on your MCAT preparation:


The Paived user interface design helps your Mentor to track your progress on MCAT preparation. A Pre-med mentor will be able to access your profile and check which subjects you have covered and completed within a particular time-frame. There are numerous platforms which allow you to take mock tests but none of them provide feedback for improving your MCAT scores. On Paived, you can get feedback and improve on your weaker sections, as well as get reliable and unfailing advice on which books and packages to study from. Paived mentors are medical graduates and medical students studying n top medical schools of the country. They are also the top scorers in MCAT. These toppers not only share their strategy to score well in MCAT but also help you to chalk out a time-bound preparation strategy so that you don’t end up wasting too much time on MCAT and ignore other aspects of your application process.

How Paived Mentors work on your Work/Activities and CV improvement

If you still have two or more years to apply for medical school, then our Mentors will be of immense help to you for shaping your work/activities section in advance. Meticulous planning, informed decision making and wise choices can completely alter the outlook of your work/activities section. May students blindly apply for internships, research experiences, shadowing activities and volunteering opportunities, without giving much thought as to how these activities will benefit them in the long run? Mentors help you to figure out where your interests lie, and what your strengths are. They help you to find internships which will provide you meaningful experiences in field of medicine. Since many of our Mentors have been on the Admission Boards of medical colleges, they have a fair idea about which work experiences can help students gain an edge over others.

On the contrary, if you are a final year student with no work/activities under your belt, then you might want to seriously consider scheduling a meeting with one of our Mentors. Having lost precious time, it is important that you plan your work/activities carefully to gain the maximum amount of meaningful experience in a short duration.

However, beware that having competitive and top-class work/activities to list in your Primary application is never enough. What really matters is how these activities shaped your personal understanding and outlook towards the profession of medicine, and especially how they proved transformative. Our Mentors help you to figure out all these typical aspects essential to guarantee a selection.

How Paived Mentors help you to prepare for interviews: Medical School Application

After you are done with your Primary and Secondary applications, it will be time to prepare for Medical School Interviews. Medical School Interviews are wild animals when it comes to predicting their nature. Nowadays, Medical Schools adopt various formats to interview their final applicants. All these formats are fundamentally aimed at testing attributes such as sociability, inter-personal and emotional intelligence, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, leadership and colleagueship etc. Our Mentors provide you expert guidance on how to prepare for the interview rounds. They help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses in your application, as well as how you can adequately tackle problematic questions in an interview. All our Mentors are either alumnus or current students of Medical Schools. Therefore, if you are going to a particular school for interview, then one of our Mentors from that school itself can guide you on what to expect and how to clear the interview, using his own personal experience.

How Paived Mentors help Non-Traditional pre-med students:

Non-traditional students often find themselves clueless and without guidance. At Paived, we have a dedicated team of Pre-med Mentors who provide tailored advice to Non-traditional Students. You can easily find Mentors who were themselves non-traditional Pre-med students. A Non-traditional pre-med student has to first and foremost complete the mandatory course-work. Many non-trad pre-meds enroll in post-bacc programs but don’t know exactly what they are supposed to be doing there. Our Mentors help Non-trad students plan their primary applications and write solid Personal Comment Essays that turn their disadvantage into a USP for the medical schools, that is, a diverse student body.

The Right guidance can help you save not just time but also money. A Pre-mentor guide who understands where you come from and what the Medical School is looking is a huge asset. Paived allows you to engage more than one Mentor at a time to help you figure out different parts of your Medical School Preparation.

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