How can a Pre-med student benefit from a Mentor?


March 16, 2020

Are you a pre-med student working hard, day and night to get admission in medical school and start your journey towards a career in medicine? Getting admitted in the right medical school is nothing short of a battle. The grinding application process, combined with the equally challenging MCAT & mandatory coursework, can leave you tired and hopeless. But, you must not get discouraged. The process is supposed to be difficult and demanding so that a pre-med student can get a taste of the demanding work that expects you as a medical student and future physician!

Confucius, a great Philosopher, said that to become wise, one should be in the company of experienced people. It saves you from going through the bitter mistakes yourself. Nothing can be more accurate for students trying to make it to medical school: getting a mentor to guide you through the whole journey helps you learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences. A Mentor can also act as a support system in this back-breaking journey.

From making the most out of your mandatory course-work and guidance for MCAT preparation, to how to find clinical opportunities, a mentor can provide timely and invaluable guidance on every aspect of your journey as a pre-med. But this is not all. With a good Mentor by your side, chances of getting into a medical school can substantially rise. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider getting a mentor today without wasting any further time:

Time is of Great Essence

If you are a dedicated pre-med student who has decided to help people in pain by becoming a physician, time will be your best friend but also the greatest enemy.

Pre-Med Mentor

It takes at least 18-22 years to complete this journey. You can easily end up wasting precious time trying to figure out the nuances of the whole pre-med process. The application itself takes a year, usually more if you don’t get accepted the first time around. You also must have the MCAT scores and most mandatory coursework completed before you begin applying. At the same time, you have to figure out the whole application process along with the specific application requirements of each medical school you plan to apply to. You must also begin working on your Personal Statement Essay at least 3 months ahead of when applications start. All this takes TIME. Needless to say, time is a luxury pre-meds cannot afford. Some of us even find the process daunting, and paralyzing.

This is where a mentor can step in and be immensely helpful. He not only guides you through the process but also supports you with valuable information, tricks, and much-needed encouragement. The fact that your mentor was once in the same position you are in right now and successfully made it brings relief and hope.

Study Hard and be Smart

Application Process

While preparing for medical school, a pre-med student will get advice from every nook and corner. When it comes to the medical school application, you have to work hard and be smart simultaneously. For instance, your letters of recommendation and personal statement have to be on par with the competition. These things can seriously make or break the deal for you. It is highly advisable that you get your application and its essential parts reviewed from someone who is an expert in the field or has seen enough applications and met enough competition to give you a proper assessment. There is always something you can improve upon in your work/activities, personal statement, and secondary application. A mentor’s advice is indispensable for this purpose.

Are you underestimating your competition?

The medical school admissions process is highly competitive. Statistical websites give different figures on that. While some claim that only 50% of the applicants finally get a seat in a medical school, others provide a much lower number of 10-20%. Rest assured, your entire effort would be for nothing if you make the mistake of underestimating your competition. Being a pre-med is a sort of “filter nozzle” where only the ones with grit and perseverance make it to medical school. But it is certainly not impossible. Ask the people who made it successfully. Better still; make these people your mentors to learn their insights about the whole process!

Choosing the Right Medical School

Let us clear it here and now. Not every medical school is right for you. Some medical schools are focused on primary care, some offer tailored programs, and some hold niche reputation in research. Some have a great supportive faculty, while some may be located right next door, allowing for more family time and support through these transformational years. If you already have a specific specialty in mind, it is also important to choose a medical school that has a good record of placing students in that specific residency after graduation.

Medical School

It is highly recommended to thoroughly research the schools you plan on applying to and talk to people who are already studying there. For instance, talk to a Mentor who is already pursuing his medical studies or has completed them in your preferred med school. He can give you valuable information about his Alma mater. He can also help you connect with his friends in other medical schools who can clear your doubts. Having a Mentor is always a good idea.


Importance of Right Guidance

Pre-Med Student Mentor

All pre-med students have to be ready to face failures and learn from them. Guidance from the right mentor can make a massive difference in the initial stages of your journey to medical school. For example, your mentor can help you figure out if you are doing enough as a pre-med. Are you involved in the right extracurriculars activities? Are you exposing yourself to clinical realities that will help you understand what doctors really do? If you are serious about med school, then it is best to save time for studying instead of spending it figuring out every next move. Right guidance can paive your way to success!

Preparing for the Interview:

You received an interview invitation, congratulations! Now, would you be willing to take the risk of going half-prepared for your interview?

It is always wise to overestimate the competition than underestimate it. Preparing for your medical school interview can be difficult. Questions can range from talking about passions and hobbies to medicine, personal challenges and even social issues. A med-school interview calls for many skills that you must practice beforehand. If you go unprepared for your interview, it reflects poorly on you.

However, proper and timely guidance can save both time and effort. A mentor is useful in many ways, but he/she is incredibly helpful when it comes to preparing for a medical school interview. Many mentors are themselves part of the interviewing committee and are therefore the best people to guide you for interview preparation.

Planning Ahead

Given the high competition and low success rate, there is a chance that you might not make it to a med school your first time around. We hate being carriers of bad news, but being a pre-med student and a future doctor entails being realistic, even radically at times.

Medical School Mentor

It is best to have someone who is more experienced than you to help you set-up the Plan B. Having an alternative plan in case you don’t get in the first time you apply does not mean giving up your dream altogether! A mentor can help you identify your weaker areas and design a plan to improve yourself and your candidacy. Consult a Mentor before deciding the alternate course-of-action.

How much will a Mentorship cost you?

We understand that being a pre-med and then a medical student is a considerable expense. The application process alone, between MCAT and secondary application fees, amounts to thousands of dollars. Also, the cost of certain medical school advising services can easily run into thousands of dollars, with some mentors charging up to 15k to 35k per student. Paived is here to change that, and provide quality mentorship at a reasonable price, and make it accessible to everyone. On you can choose from a wide array of mentors and avail the mentorship for affordable charges.


Being a pre-med student can be difficult if you don’t have someone to guide you through the process. Learn from the failures, experiences, and struggles of others whop were in your shoes instead of wasting time with trial and error yourself. A mentor can  guide you by providing correct information and proper support in your journey to medical school. Find your medical school mentor and realize your dream of becoming a doctor!

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