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Paived aims at bringing inclusivity and diversity in the future medical profession by making pre-medical advising accessible and affordable for everyone. 

With roughly only 40% of first-time applicants gaining admissions to medical school every year, the odds are skewed in favor of students who have resources to afford expensive consulting services or connections to healthcare professionals and physicians. 

Paived wants to change that. By connecting pre-med students with current medical students, we want to provide a flexible and affordable way for aspiring doctors to find guidance and support from peers that have walked in their shoes. The journey to medical school is long and difficult, and we want to make to make it a bit easier and support you throughout your journey. We want to help bridge the gap between you and your goals.




  •    We help Pre-med students (mentees) connect with medical school students and graduates (mentors).
  •    Mentors provide quality guidance and mentorship to pre-med students, helping them build the best medical school application possible.
  •    Mentors provide guidance and help with every aspect of your medical school application: scholarships, fee assistance programs, choosing the right medical school, internships, work/activities, MCAT preparation, personal statement, secondary essays etc. In short, Your Mentor will help you at every stage of your Pre-med journey.
  •    Paived helps you connect with non-traditional medical students as well, including graduates who took time off before starting medical school, or changed careers to become physicians. We believe that talking with people who have stories similar to yours can help you and inspire you.




  •    The Paived platform is designed to help pre-med students monitor and track their progress from day-one of their pre-med student journey.
  •    With Paived you will never miss any crucial steps or deadlines: you can track all outstanding tasks to make sure you are an early applicant.
  •    Your goals and progress are accessible to your mentor/s as well, so that they can help you stay on top of your goals.




  •    Paived offers a vast library of resources about the medical school admission process to all mentees upon sign-up.
  •    Our library of resources is your first stop for all the advice and guidance you need to start planning your pre-med journey.
  •    The Paived Blog is curated by industry experts and medical school students with personalized tips and guidance.


Our community of mentees is made of self-driven pre-med students from diverse backgrounds. Together, we work to maximize your chances of getting admitted to the medical school of your dreams.


Join PAIVED today and come one-step closer to realizing your dream of becoming a doctor.

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