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Roughly 60% of applicants fail to get admitted into Medical School at their first attempt

The medical school selection process is competitive, long, and complex

Statistics from AAMC for the last six application cycles

Applicants, Matriculants of U.S. Medical Schools, 2014-2015 through 2019-2020
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Chris M

Enrolled in Personal Statement

The strategies my mentor recommended were extremely helpful and allowed me to create a cohesive application. Thanks Drew!

Mike P.

Enrolled in Crack the MCAT

My mentor Rod helped me organize and edit my personal statement. Talking with him and brainstorming ideas helped me communicate in a clear manner why I want to be a doctor.

Isabel L.

Enrolled in Personal Statement

With so many information available online I felt overwhelmed and did not know where to start with my MCAT preparation. Sophia gave me tips about how she prepared for the exams and together we developed an amazing study plan

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